Doctor Jamil Zogheib is a Lebanese pediatrician, from Hrajel, born on April 15, 1961 and married to Hala Chamoun on July 29, 1990. He had 3 children (2 boys and 1 girl): Serge 1992, Alessio 1995 and Andrea 1999. Graduated as Medicine Doctor in 1986, and Pediatrician in 1992, with skills in Neonatology and Adolescent medicine. He started practicing in 1992.

He built his success on his hard work and competence in his daily practice treating children. He contributed to the development of a Neonatal Intensive Unit (NICU) in the city of Jounieh, and founded another NICU in the city of Ajaltoun. In 2008, at the prime of his life, he suffered a very serious neurological disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) which, within three years, made him quadriplegic, dependant on continuous artificial respiration, and confined to bed, unable to move any of his muscles except for his eyes.

Despite his condition, he holds on to life with amazing joy, looking at the world every day as if it was the first day. He was able to communicate with them using a computer that he operates with his eyes movements (Tobii’s eye tracker and communicator). His eyes movements enabled him to write his books, and present several conferences..

Zogheib Jamil
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